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Artist Statement

The Journey to Overcome

In pursuit of my childhood passion, I joined the military as a medic. I immersed myself in the local customs and language, earning the trust of those who looked up to me as a leader in times of need. Unfortunately, the nature of my job took a toll on my health, and I was diagnosed with epilepsy, PTSD, memory loss, and other physical limitations. This led to me losing much of my independence and struggling to communicate my thoughts and emotions, delaying my treatment and causing me to contemplate suicide.


Nature has the uncanny ability to distract from the complicated thoughts of disabilities and personal limitations. Nature makes you live in the moment. As a tool to cope with my disabilities and personal limitations, I utilized photographs of nature and landscapes. I have strived to describe my limitations and their effects.  The Journey to Overcome has become a tool and visual lexicon for me to learn to communicate once again. It encompasses not only my disabilities and limitations but also the journey I have traveled to where I stand today. While a true journey never ends, I now have the footing and confidence to continue my journey and help those along the way.

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