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Matthew Johnston

Some people say, “Art imitates life”.  As cliché as that saying is, it’s true. Stripped of distraction, art is a voice that communicates emotions and serves as a tool to explore your inner self. Through the tragedy of war, disabilities, and limitations, I have set out to learn how to communicate again. I found that a camera was the tool I needed to convey the confusion in my mind.


I search for landscapes and nature images that can be used to communicate words and emotions. Utilizing images, I can show people the words and emotions trapped within me. These images, this language is not for me alone. This language lives for all to be able to use. 


I never thought I would become a photographer. I chose the life of a Soldier and a Medic. Just as before, I still strive to serve those in need. Capturing images of nature as metaphors, I strive to create a visual language for those who have lost their voice. 


Join me on social media and follow my ever-growing visual dictionary. 

Tel: 360-350-8248

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